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Well it has been an unsettling few weeks but in a time of need family and friends have been my rock.  I, like everyone else, is feeling a little paranoid and definitely concerned about the future, but being in the comfort of such calming spirits in my life has been the remedy I’ve needed to keep perspective.
I’m blessed with such a mixed bag of fabulous people in my life be it my teenage boys, life partner, the wild ones to let my hair down with, my cross-country confidants and my feline friend Mazzy!!  I believe in regard to friendships the people you fit with are ones you’ve been destined to cross paths with. It’s so cool that as you step through life that you form such close collectives based on beliefs, personality, tastes, likes and dislikes, and of course this includes fashion, which is nearly always the first visual clue that you might connect with someone beyond the normal cursory platitudes that can lead to have someone new in your life.
This adds a certain importance to choosing that next outfit, because you need to make sure you are sending the right message and attracting the like-minded.
Of course the clothes on your back will never tell the whole story and never hold the importance of the people in our lives, but I love seeing my friends style identities and watching them change over the years. Admittedly I’ve always been drawn to individuality, and my pals definitely do not dress with a ‘pack mentality’!! My kids the same, both having strong thoughts on how they should look and feel when getting dressed in civilian clothes once school is done! I’ve lost power on controlling any of their image years ago!!
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Remember, fashion happens every morning when you wake up!!
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