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Hello lovers!
I’m not talking about summer or winter but Sex In The City of course!!  Those doyennes of fashion are back and wow I am excited.  In a matter of hours we will all get the next instalment from the lives of Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte. Of course Samantha is notably absent; does that means there will be no sex in the city, perhaps but I know there will be fashion and as to the former we will just have to wait to see.
Debuting in 1998 this fabulous show about four best friends living, working and having sex in NYC was one of the edgiest shows on TV at the time. Now in their 50s and myself also heading that direction I’m hoping there’s many more an adventure to be had and much fashion to inspire. 
I have been reading quite a bit on the new series from the media already, including some not so glowing reviews about the styling, but I think we really just need to just be ecstatic that we have a new series to watch and have our own opinions  once we’ve had a chance to get into this new season. There’s so much negativity in the world, why can’t we just enjoy the fashion for what it is and not over-analyse it. After another year spent in lockdowns and restrictions maybe Patricia Field went to the next level in over the top outfits to help satisfy our hunger for dressing up in a post lockdown party season?
 I for one am taking a cue from Patricia this year and am really making an extra effort to push the boundaries on my fashion choices. This week at we continue to list stunning preloved designer and vintage pieces perfect for your next soiree.
Keep scrolling for a few of this weeks favs, and all domestic orders will be sent out EXPRESS til Christmas Eve!. No code, will just happen automatically.
I can’t wait to break down the story, fashion and characters next week. Happy viewing!
PS: Don’t forget the Cosmo!
La Sirenuse Positano
The Great
Scanlan Theodore

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