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‘OMG you are really really really goodlooking!’
Derek Zoolander

Pop Culture Alert!!! Zoolander 2 is out tomorrow and I just can’t wait!!


Zoolander first came into existence as two short films written by Draker Sather and Ben Stiller for the VH1 Fashion Awards, and is (in my opinion) comedy brilliance. One of my favourite characters is played by Ben Stillers’ father, Jerry Stiller, who played George’s dad in Seinfeld, and in the first film played the agent, Maury Ballstein.


It’s fantastic to have fun with fashion, and I love the tongue in cheek poke at the sometimes pretentious industry. It’s a great reminder that fashion is about feeling good in what you wear, you’re not saving lives when you get up and get dressed in the morning!!


After some new fun looks to add to your wardrobe? We’ve just added fresh new pieces to the site under ‘What’s New’ for you to amble thru.


You can totally justify spending on these designer and vintage items at such great $$$, plus the bonus is you’re helping the world recycle a little more!


Keep scrolling for a few items we think are ace below


PS: Happy Valentines Day for Sunday. Whatever you are doing I hope you feel loved


LA Vintage Top

Lover Serpent Sweat Top


Cacharel Dress

Children Of The Jacket

Frame Denim ‘Le slim’ tee

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes


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