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Half the fun of going to festivals is planning what you're going to wear. AM I RIGHT?!

Whenever I'm channeling my inner boho babe I always start with a flirty summer dress. They're easy, breezy and always in style. Then, from there you can get really creative and layer more flamboyant pieces. We have a ton of perfect little festival dresses over at 

 I'm all about incorporating different textures, materials and colours for that perfect outfit.
Lace? Yes. Jean? Definitely. Leather? Of course! And s
unglasses are also obviously a crucial part of any good festival outfit. I say, the more retro the better and anything by Karen Walker is a given. There's nothing worse than trying to squint your way through an act when the sun's right above the stage.

As every festival season anything goes, it's the perfect opportunity to show off all your great vintage finds from far and wide or top up your suitcase with your finds direct from our store. 

I hope you're all just as excited as I am to get out there, listen to some great music and rock some fab boho festival fashion. Stay safe and rock on!

Rach xx
Rowlands Country Jacket
VTG Cardigan
St Johns Bay Vintage Dress
Karen Walker Sunglasses
Free People Shorts

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