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‘Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future’

Today is the release date for Star Wars. I know in my house everyone is Star Wars mad….
When naming our second child Jed, my husband picked Irving as his middle name so when printed with his initial it’s Jed I Moor. Simon and the kids had a dream realised last night when they attended the Star Wars premier, happy they were!! 
What a great way to finish the school term. They headed out in their red carpet finest, which for the kids were vintage Star Wars gear, hats and sunnies; and they looked every bit the little stars they are to me!
On the weekend, my youngest and I made Wookie Cookies (pictured), and they turned out rather well I must say….(I hope you agree)! Normally we’d be making Christmas skewed treats, but the whole Star Wars release anticipation seems to have outweighed the Xmas hype this year!!
Well its only 9 days til Christmas and it feels like I’m getting to the finishing line. Slowly but surely more and more tasks are being completed on my massive list to get through before the 25th. The tease of our summer getaway is my motivation to get myself through.
If you’re still needing any last minute gifts or special pieces to pack for your own summer holiday destination we’ve just added some great items to that we think are perfect for this time of year. Remember to use your 15% off code when you purchase, and we’re also offering express postage at no extra cost on all domestic orders, so you get your items on time!
Best of luck getting through the next few days. If you need a little inspiration I found this great Star Wars quote from legend Qui-Gon Jin   "Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don't think, use your instincts.”

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