Its Beginning To Look Al Lot Like Christmas!!

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‘The one thing women don’t want to find in their Christmas stocking on Christmas morning is their husband!’
The late American comic Joan Rivers

Writing my blog today I’ve just been at my children’s school for their end of year Recognition Day.  I had the classic ‘OMG it really is the end of the year’ moment sitting there!

2015 has personally and professionally been a great year. Children going well (tick!), married life great (tick!), friendships ace (tick!),  business growing (tick!), travelled (tick!), so I’m touching wood as I say I’m content with the year coming to a close.

I can now concentrate on the pressing task at hand-  what to buy all the special people in my life to acknowledge what they mean to me. Alas time is running out…..but with the power of online shopping I am sure I will get through my list!

I know many if not all of you are also just now thinking about what to get as last minute purchases, so if you’re thinking something wearable, we’ve got you covered at

Here’s a little curated list that we think really would surprise and style those females nearest and dearest to you.

I always think of this great quote I saw on instagram recently when I’m wondering whether a gift is appropriate, and believe me it applies to every aspect of your life ‘if the music is good you dance’!


PS: All domestic packages up to the 24th December will be sent as express post to make sure your items arrive on time!

Alexander Wang Donna Hobo Bag

Coach Handbag

Karen Walker Gee Devottee Sunnies

Pucci Scarf

A.P.C Top

A.P.C x Nike Sneakers

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