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"Eventually all the pieces fall into place . . . until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason." — Carrie

Since its debut in 1998 Sex In The City has and always will be a fantastic fashion resource when needing some outfit inspiration. The iconic series changed the game in fashion rules with clashing patterns and styles made to look oh so chic, and it really cemented my fashion style to dare to be different. Every outfit styled by Patricia Fields had a purpose and played into the scene just as heavily as the script and I adored every minute of the fashion feast!

I’ve watched each episode of the show an astronomical number of times  and to this day each time I always find something that I haven’t noticed in previously- Which brings me to the topic of wardrobe malfunctions!! (And no I’m not leading into when Carrie becomes Heidi Klum’s fashion kill when she has a spill on the catwalk….)
 Every woman’s worst fear is a wardrobe melt down that could potentially cause you to go redder than your lippy shade, humiliate, end up as a trending troll on social media,  or just be damn annoying!! Split of the pants, baby spit all over your jacket in a work meeting with your boss (it happened to me), camel toe (the worst), or ruining a treasured white shirt whilst missing your mouth with your glass of red!
Everyone has suffered this humiliation in some form during their fashion lives whether they like to admit it or not. Ask yourself though did anyone really notice?? I bet 99 times out of 100 none was any the wiser of your fashion faux pas, and the humiliation you feel and/ or fear is only you!
Watching the final double episode this week for a bit of a mood pick-me-up, I couldn’t believe my eyeballs that in one of the most important scenes from the finale, when Carrie is back from Paris and surprises the girls -the gorgeous white coat she is wearing has a MASSIVE split in the shoulder seam, photo of the screen below!

How could I not have noticed this until 20 years later!! I’ve admired that stunning white number so many times, but never spotted when Carrie hugs Charlotte it reveals a normally unwearable mishap on the garment!! (circled). I’ve googled around to see if anyone else has picked up this rip but I couldn’t find it anywhere!!

So this solidifies my thoughts- yes a fashion tragedy may happen, but really no one is going to notice- or for that matter care. As long as it fixable, don’t sweat it! We’re all human, and everyone gets lippy on their teeth, makeup on their shirt collar or an accidental spill! If fashion icon Carrie can get away with it, we can to!!

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