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Tomorrow is officially Christmas month!! I don’t know what’s gotten into me but this year I’m feeling very festive and can’t wait to get the Chrissy tree up. My 10 year old Jed is also feeling very festive and has given the logo above a Xmas touch!! He’s been learning Scratch programming at school and I just love it!
End of year shenanigans don't exactly lend themselves to leading a quite so organised life at arguably the most stressful period of the year. It's easy to feel like keeping things organised is a constant struggle…..Like the rest of the planet I’ve been to many end of year gatherings and events, and this year with a bit of wardrobe planning I’m really happy with my outfit picks!  I generally style myself ‘on the fly’, but this year I have had a bit of pre planning; I was sorted early for the ARIA’s, this past Tuesday night, with a dress I found in LA at Opening Ceremony (PS the ARIA Awards were a bunch of fun), and I also got to dress up with my super ‘chic’ girlfriend who visited from interstate on the weekend. Getting dressed up with your favourite GF is always fun!
Beyond or the fun and functions, I have to be honest I’ve only just started to turn to gifts!!! I’m not in a panic yet but time is ticking and I need to get my act together on that front pronto! So I thought I offer up solutions for anyone in the same boat! 
If you are scratching your head wondering what you’re going to get for all the stylish loved ones in your life, shopping at is always such a pleasure because you can actually afford some kick-ass designer clothing and accessories at realistic price points, especially at this time year! Or are you still needing last minute wardrobe game-changers so you sparkle??? Make sure you take a look of what’s in-store now, and below we’ve picked out a few of our fav’s that will make either yourself or your loved one beam!!
Stay sane over the coming days and take some time to smell the roses!
PS: Get 15% off for one week with the code FESTIVEACEY, just apply at checkout!!!
Zadig & Volatire Luxe
M.i.H Jeans
South Of The Border
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