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‘You said that you and me were gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cause my hair is comin' down! ‘Thelma 
I’m always looking for classic movies to show my two tween & teenage boys, be them sci-fi classics, romantic comedies or cult classics that I feel are important moments in cinema to help shape their knowledge of film and the impact these films have made on popular culture.
This week I convinced them to give the quintessential feminist Oscar winning  ‘Thelma & Louise’ a view- and the verdict was they loved it!! Watching these two warm & engaging females turn from marginalised women through circumstance blossom into the take-no-prisoner highway queens on the run from their lives really had a profound effect on them. Many many questions were being asked post movie and I was really impressed with their take on the movie as admittedly at times was feeling it was maybe a  bit too soon to have their eyeballs glued to it! ( I did fast-track the racier scenes- no one wants to watch that with their mum or visa versa!!!).
We’ve always raised our boys that everyone is equal, be it race or gender or sexual orientation and I really feel that we have achieved that.  They are barely millennials but still have a sensitivity to the current issues afoot in this complex modern world.
Ok I’ve been heavy enough, let’s turn to the fashion of the film!! I forgot what a ride it was watching them transform from ‘drab’ into stylish road warriors, wearing the coolest street-wise 90’s effortless outfits that are exactly what we are all seeking out now for the day to day!!!
Do you have a road trip coming up this Easter and are needing some inspiration for our leading ladies??? Well of course can sort that out for you!! We have a huge range of preloved celerity & fashionista designer and vintage gems just perfect for the Easter road trip wherever your compass is taking you!
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