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“Trends are there to inspire and give us a fresh outlook on something we may have never considered before.”
Do you ever wonder whether something you’re choosing to wear is ‘age’ appropriate? As a woman somewhere past 40, I have so many conversations with friends and clients of a similar vintage about changing with age- be it mentally, physically or both. A common thread is a definite fear of looking too ‘over the hill’ to dip their toe into a new trend they’ve seen on social media, and are curious to know what the rules of dressing in today’s society are…
We need to let go of the ‘age rules’ in fashion. I know for me when I look at my style icons that are ladies of a more mature age bracket I see them as inspiration for my own fashion palette than thinking maybe they should give that trend a rest!! Trends are there to inspire and give us a fresh outlook on something we may have never considered before.
After dressing myself for many many years, I like to think that I’ve come into my own in the style stakes. Maybe now you won’t see me in a micro mini and stiletto’s, but if you think about it, that’s a look that’s hard for anyone to not turn heads in for all the wrong reasons…. I remember a few years back filming at Future Music Festival in Sydney, and it was peak season for the way-to-short ass hanging out denim cut offs. I tell you I was in despair at how so many people had taken to the trend and with very little success!!
Trends are there to have fun with, if you choose to have a try. Women of all ages can wear the same style in millions of different ways, it’s up to you to interpret how you see it on you. There are no rules anymore other than to mix it up and be unique!
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Tell your own story, give the latest trend’s a try, fashion is meant to be fun and to express you!!!
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