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You may have noticed that the usual buzz & excitement that designers, labels and the fashion industry generally rely on to stimulate our fashion senses drive sales is somewhat absent!
Fashion Week’s around the globe have come to a standstill whilst we are all navigating the pandemic globally. It seemed like in previous years every week some fabulous location somewhere in the world was hosting a strutting fashion frenzy. With global media attention, influencers & socials bombarded with fashion hype it had us all desperate to spend our hard earned $$$ on that week’s latest ‘it’ style showcased at the events!
It seems many designers are seeing the pandemic as a way to ‘calm the farm’ when it comes to our obsession with trends. I’ve found that without so much fashion stimulation I’m not drooling quite as much when it comes to my fashion obsessions, and I’m finding that I’m being far more considered with what I buy. Of course, this is probably also to do with the fact that I’m not as socially active as years gone by, but nonetheless I do feel I’ve had an internal shift in the way I look at shopping for fashion.
Designers such as Giorgio Armani are saying that the aggressive sales tactics of old have no place in retail during the pandemic. He sees changes for good post crisis, with the opportunity to slow down and realign everything to a more meaningful fashion experience when shopping. More creativity, less scale of collections and much better for the planet and of course this has been the mantra since day one; classic pieces, not fast fashion is the way to go.
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