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This Saturday is a milestone in our household. My youngest Jed is officially a teenager! I can’t believe that our little guy is 13! If I rewind my mind back to 2007 it’s just unimaginable that the world could have changed so much in just 13 years!
Jed only had a few things on his wish-list, and I gotta say he made me proud how savvy he is seeking treasures out. A fan of basketball & Travis Scott, he found his ultimate prize in the limited edition hoodie co-lab that Travis did with Jordan. Its nice to talk about clothes with at least one member of my household, and I have to confess I’ve fuelled his love of the on-line shopping adventure!!
As the idea of a sleepover with mates is one he can only dream about to mark the day, we decided to ‘invest’ in his dream hoodie, so at least when he looks back at the launch of his teenage years he’ll have this as a memento sans a big party. It’s a great distraction to our current locked down world.
My big lesson learned from this shopping exercise is just how low the Aussie dollar currently is!! And when you add taxes and shipping it really adds up shopping OS!!! It has turned out to be quite a costly exercise, and was a real eye-opener how incredible it is shopping with my own store!!
Not only are you shopping in the Aussie dollar, we authenticate for free, hold all our stock  and we have standard flat shipping costs that are really competitive!!!
Keep scrolling for a look at a few of this weeks latest & greatest, and as its a special week in our world, use the code SAVENOW20 for 20% off your order for one week!!
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