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All over the globe the change of season is sparking fashion conversations everywhere of what to buy for coming months!! It’s a great time of year to get your head around your current ‘look’ and what you want it to be entering either warmer or cooler climates depending on where you call home. How do you find the best items at great prices without compromising on style?? is the answer!!
Needing some new clothes to feed your soul??? Reap the benefits now from my fabulous clients doing a clothes swap! We’ve been listing madly with the influx of both summer & winter suited amazing designer & vintage attire and I tell you the styles and prices with truly amaze your eyeballs!! We’re not being dramatic, there really are some fantastic items up for grabs at prices you just won’t see anywhere else!! We have sizes and styles to suit everyone so be quick! 
In a few weeks time We’re heading to LA to find some more amazing vintage pieces for the store, so we’re having the sale we never have on vintage pieces that are still waiting on a new home. Most are over half price and bang on current style trends, take a look at the sale tab now & here’s a taste of the items up for grabs!

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Happy shopping friends!




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