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The past week has flown by like the Crowded House classically titled’ Four Seasons In One Day'. I’ve had some shockingly sad news, many a proud mother moment with the kids, & some special moments with my partner in life. Of late I’d been so preoccupied with the routine of the day to day grind, getting through that checklist & personal goals, it’s been a real reminder to be more ruthless with what to hold on to and what to abandon.
In our quest of fulfilment travelling through this crazy life, we are always asking ourselves the looping questions like ‘Who am I??’ & ‘How would I like to be seen by others?’!!  Maybe now ’s the time to shed some of that old baggage in life and get some new, shinier & memorable things happening for ourselves!  Curate your life with only the amazing, it not only simplifies existence, it will also make you a lot clearer deciding what’s best!
Whether this means ripping off the band-aid with some aspects of the current you that you’re eternally questioning…Perhaps it’s as simple as a little reinvention of the wheel that more encompasses who you are? Perhaps the only little minimal tweak you need is to just be more in the moment & more aware of the amazing life your treading??
Whatever you decide your re-invention may be, remember is there to help with the new take of you!! We have serious new additions in store this week, both current season designer threads and amazing vintage up for grabs!! Keep scrolling for a snippet of pieces that will sing to your soul!!!
Don’t debate it, just do it!!!
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Isabel Marant Etoile

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