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So another fashion month has passed with shows happening all over the globe, & the latest buzzword in fashion trends has arrived- ‘the bougie’ lady!!
The urban dictionary defines bougie as ‘aspiring to be of a higher class than one is’! The buzz word is derived from bourgeois, which means middle/ upper class, historically despised by communists.
Think French bohemian aristocrat working creatively in an art studio in the 1970s, all preppy blouses, neck scarves, button ups, pleated skirts & longline jackets!! Labels such as Celine, Victoria Beckham & Valentino led the charge with the new aesthetic. They’ve all embraced this new trend & I’m sure we will see it evolve as the new season hits.
I’m sitting here pondering whether this means that fashion addicts and those who want to show off their individuality alike, are no longer confined by the idea that active wear for any occasion is acceptable? Will this put an end to the bike short trend that keeps wanting rear its ugly head?? Of course active wear has its place, but I am hoping that I will no longer feel like an outcast as I get changed after my pilates class, out of my ‘athleisure‘ before I get on with my day. Are we ready to be looking a little more prissy and dressed in our day to day existence?
At we’re exploding with so many new additions just perfect for your bougie wardrobe update!! We are literally what the definition of bougie is!  Shopping preloved designer & vintage gems with us you don’t just have to aspire to wear the brands you can get your hands on in store now!!!
Keep scrolling for a few of our staff fav pics in store now, what are you waiting for!!!
Spell & The Gypsy Collective
Jac + Jack
Equipment Femme
Banana Republic
Portia's Will

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