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Oh what a time it is to be a streaming service like Netflix or Apple!
I think we all realise we’ve been watching way above our quota of sitcom series on these platforms due to the new isolating world of the coronavirus. Series like Friends, Seinfeld, Brooklyn Nine-Nine to name a few have become reborn, and nearly everyone I know has rewatched these cult classics due to no social life to speak of! If there’s one thing my TV and movie watching habits during this time have taught me, it’s that watching people live out silly dramas, and silly little love stories without going anywhere feels a whole lot better than watching someone do all the things I currently can’t. So long as I’m stuck inside without the stimulation the comfort of the familiar feels important! I can only imagine once production is able to start again the COVID-inspired dramas that will appear on our screens!
I was laughing when I saw a blogger last week stating that her personal style had been transformed by her new style icon Michael Jordan. I loved The Last Dance nearly as much as my BB crazed family but I’m not sure I’d go as far as basing my next outfit choice on the sporting great! I think I’d have to go more a Rachel Green during her Ralph Lauren working days or some of the norm-core style of Elaine! At least the 90s a right back in vogue at the moment so it’s not really that much of a stretch!
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