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None of us are immune to craving variety in our lives.
The above statement is relevant to all of us on so many levels at the moment!! If you think back to what was happening this time last year its crazy how much our lives have changed in so little time!! Here in Sydney we’re on a razors edge with cases of COVID circling all around us. Other states in Oz are in a terrible way with a second wave upon them like so many countries across the globe.
In unconventional times its really tough to mix it up and keep that all so important variety happening in our day to day. We’ve all become more creative in the kitchen, become experts in jigsaw puzzles, and I, like many people am enjoying a glass of fine wine at the end of the day to take the edge off. (Don’t judge :))
Something I know that helps my mental state from going fruity is having variety in my wardrobe choices. Spending some time getting dressed into different ensembles that are curated by you really is an invigorating daily self-care practice. A few months back I posed the question ‘Do we dress for ourselves or for others’ and most of you believed you dressed for you which was fabulous! Even if you’re getting dressed to go to your lounge room you can still look ace! There’s no need to fall into a style rut while social distancing is our new normal.
Keep up your wardrobe motivation over the coming months and add a sprinkle here and there of something new to brighten your mood! We’ve been adding a bunch of amazing preloved celebrity & fashionista pieces at we know you will love. Keep scrolling for this weeks picks! It’s all preloved designer gold at price points to suit everyones wallet!
Sending good vibes!
Enza Costa
Badgley Mischka
Equipment Femme
Acne Studios
Magali Pascal

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