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Are you looking for something new that oozes style for the festive season? Are you hoping to have a starring style role at your next soiree?
I’ve been trawling through celebrity looks this week for inspiration for the silly season, and the stars that shine the brightest are those that you know have their own personal style down pat. They ooze style because they look so damn comfortable in their own skin, they are wearing their clothes, the clothes are not wearing them!
I’m not just referring to current pop culture icons, but I’m also talking historically, like Kate & Johnny in 1988 at the Cannes Film festival, to Gweynth & Brad anywhere they ventured out in public, to Winona circa anytime 80s.
Surely it can’t be that hard to target exactly ‘who you are’ when it comes to fashion, but I know a lot of people who are really torn as they move through life with their fashion identity. Generally I can figure out my fashion moments with somewhat ease, but that’s also come with age and confidence- I mean life’s way to short to be worried about what others might think!
I say have some fun with your style this silly season. Dare to be different, dare to wear something you normally would have thought to ‘risque’ for someone such as yourself. I promise whatever you put together as long as you feel good it will be a giant pass for your self confidence!!
At this week we have added so many party & holiday appropriate fashion finds in all styles and sizes/ Keep scrolling for a sneak peak, and we’re extending our Black Friday sale for 20% off for one more week! Just use the code OOZESTYLE at checkout!!
Find your true style!
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