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Over the past week there’s been a definite winter chill cutting through the last of the warm weather here in Sydney, and this has brought me to thinking about my winter wardrobe pieces. It’s really a great distraction and helps pass the hitherto ‘Groundhog Day’ we are all experiencing. I’m definitely a creature of habit, with each day starting with a run, followed by the same breakfast and the same cuppa tea that I’ve been waking up to for the past twenty years or more, but was by choice and now…well its not!! When something beyond our control threatens our freedoms to live how we want it really upsets the applecart and we all need some fun distraction to help us change things u and help us through.  It is how the trivial becomes important.
Another thing I’ve noticed since the family have all been home together working & learning, is even from quarantine, I still don’t have time enough time for everyone due to work & life commitments!! Once the clock hits 5 p.m. then suddenly life winds down again and we can finally acknowledge each other and enjoy our amazing company that’s been there the entire time! Slipping into a quarantine routine can be both good and have its problems too.
One thing that’s for certain is we are a week away from a weather change. In Australia we’ll be entering the chill of winter, and that means breaking out your 2020 winter wardrobe!! Are you needing something new to give you that hot hot hot feeling? You know, that feeling you get when you step out in something that makes you feel a million bucks? Well this week at we’ve been adding some amazing knits just ready for the chillier months! Don’t fret if you’re on the other side of the globe and starting to warm up, there’s a bunch of new additions perfect for summertime!!
Christian Lacroix Vintage
Stella McCartney
Isabel Marant Etoile
Isabel Marant Etoile

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