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Hey community!  Pinch and a punch for the first, no second day of the month.
 After not having the quintessential Aussie summer this year due to the annoying rain system hanging over Australia for the past 6 months, I’m feeling that winter has been thrust upon us this year, and we didn’t even get time to say ‘winter is coming’ and it was here! For those of you on the other side of the globe entering your warmer months, may the sun shine on you and bring you better luck than us Aussies have had over the past few months.
One thing which NONE of us are adjusting to is the soaring cost of living. The pandemic, floods, war - it can feel a bit biblical at times - all of this is weighing on the supply of goods ... there's many different things acting at the same time and causing MAJOR problems to our wallets, not to mention the delivery times of new goodies from around the world.
Well with all that in mind and a change of season ‘to boot’ there is never a better time to consider pre loved shopping, has a flood on new season stock from all our top sellers and all amazing items for incredible prices.
The reselling movement is only growing as people recognise the value both to the purchaser as well as society so scroll thru the ‘what’s new’  section on the site at what we’ve added over the past week and… 
Remember the wise words from cult designer Vivienne Westwood:
‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last’.

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