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How is everyone this Thursday?
Watching the news at the moment is all a bit much at times. I’d like to give a shout out to anyone in NSW & Victoria who is doing it tough in the floods. It really feels like the whole of Australia might need to jump on a giant lifeboat to save ourselves from all this bloody rain!!!! 
I know all my overseas customers have a different set of issues be it economic woes in the UK, other continents suffering the effects of climate change like us, or that senseless war. We all keep rolling with the punches that life is throwing our way the past few years, and if we stick together we’ll all get through this shit-show time.
As a change of pace, did you se the GUCCI adidas co-lab suit Julia Roberts wore to her Jimmy Kimmel talkshow appearance? I don’t think I’ll be trying to steal this look for my end of year party outfits….if you didn’t catch it see below….I mean Julia looks good no matter what she wears BUT I think her stylist forgot who their client was with this one.

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