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This week we’ve decided to have our hot new pieces at ready to rock your wardrobe listed in time for todays blast out to all our amazing customers! For the next few weeks we’ll feature some of our favourite pieces and their past…Not only are these gems damn interesting, you’ll find shopping preloved clothing becomes the glue holding your wardrobe together. You can finally afford pieces you just never dreamed possible, and I know when I started on my crazy obsession with preloved designer and vintage fashion I never looked back on a bad outfit choice again.
You all know I’m more often more smitten with the history of a preloved garment than the actual piece itself. Its such an amazing feeling in my opinion to have the opportunity to know where my chosen garments have been worn in the past, the era they first had a run on the catwalk of the streets, and perhaps even a little intel into the previous owner. 
We have such an amazing client base of consignment pieces available at and it feels a shame not to let you know a little bit more about the clothing you just might choose to click and buy!
The first two pieces that we think really warrant a little history lesson are those from VTG Chloe & VTG Emilio Pucci! These stunning designer gems are both from one of my most treasured client’s mother’s wardrobe. She was a writer for Vogue, a global citizen and one of the most stylish ladies of Sydney’s East. The Chloe maxi dress is a timeless cut from the late 80s with intricate detailing, while the Emilio Pucci top is from the early 2000s and is their classic print still being produced today. Fun fact- did you know you can tell the era a garment was made just by the label alone?? Brilliant heritage designer labels have generally been through several branding changes that make it one of the most recognisable ways to authenticate. 
The next two pieces are a bit of fun- Creatures of Comfort shorts  found at The Beverley Centre L.A. & A.P.C. Paris pants that came straight from the source at their store in Central Paris. My client is from the television industry and always a wardrobe inspiration. Both only worn once or twice and just immaculate!!
Last but not least that I would like to highlight are some frocks from one of our many celebrity clients, both worn once to a function and to die for! Another VTG piece from Collette Dinnigan belonging to her Mum (what a hand me down!!) & stunning silk frock by KITX.
How cool is it to know just exactly where your preloved clothing comes from??  How much more interesting is that to shop from than mass produced clothing off the rack! This is only a peek into what’s new this week, make sure you click through and have an explore, you’ll have immediate satisfaction staking your claim to what’s available now!!
Chloe Vintage

Emilio Pucci Vintage


Creatures Of Comfort 

Collette Dinnigan Vintage


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