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How is everyone coping with the new normal?
Yesterday I read a great description of someones feelings that sum up mine pretty well- ‘I’m not doing well, I’m adapting’…..To be honest at times I hope I’m not developing social phobias that will stick permanently. I had to do the dreaded grocery shop for the family armed with life’s new essential armour of sanitiser & gloves & had an overwhelming sense of panic when waiting in a queue to socially distance my entry to the store. I don’t know if I was feeling over-exposed or whether I’d watched too much CNN that morning, but I talked myself down to a calmness internally reminding myself I was actually doing ok under the duress we all find ourselves. All we can really do is just get on with it the best we can!
I’ve found solace in a jigsaw puzzle that I’ve had for years and just never had the time to do- and I’m nearly done!! Its a cool Beatles Yellow Submarine themed 1000 piece one which is definitely going into a frame it when its done, check it out below!! It will be like my trophy for surviving the pandemic (I hope). Its been a great stress reliever when not working on or supervising the kids home-schooling :(

This week I’ve been adding designer & vintage gems that I know will bring you some special comfort in these trying times, keep scrolling for a peek, and I’m extending the 25% OFF Easter sale by one week, just use the code EASTER2020 at checkout!

Love to you all


Bianca Spender


Stella McCartney

See By Chloe


Isabel Marant Etoile

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