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How are you all surviving the race to Christmas? I know in my life right now my teenagers are busy with year end activities, I am furiously working to achieve what I need to by Christmas and it’s all just exhausting!!
The one task I do enjoy, although it does stretch my long-term decision making & planning skills, is the making of festive and holiday plans with family & friends; that is what this time of year is all about to me. A chance to stop and take stock with friends and family. 

Possibly my favourite but most vexing question is what to do and where to party (or not) on NYE. This along with my goals and commitments for the brand new year ahead are some of my favourite things to ponder. The new year like a new day offers up the opportunity to approach life in a new way with a refreshed mojo. I gotta say, as someone who falls pray occasionally to the anxiety brain, its hard at times to keep that level-headed composure we all need to see the forest through the trees and a new start is always an opportunity to tackle this.
Of course you must also ‘be in the moment’ and sometimes it seems easier to live week to week or even day to day, but how does that philosophy work at the pointy end of the year?? My one holy grail of planning has been done with a holiday in Byron Bay with the family, the surest date set on my calendar! 
Anyway I don’t have all the answers but shopping at you can save time and make your planning easier.. I hope all of you also get some time away to reflect on the enormity of 2019, and time to relax before 2020 kicks in. Life never stays the same thank goodness, and some time off the roller-coaster really does help!
 Are you needing some fabulous new pieces to make all the difference to wave goodbye to 2019? At we’ve so so so many preloved designer pieces just added, and perfect for you to see in a brand new day or night full of plans!!
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Keep calm and shop on!!
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