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What a big week it has been for the world!
I never thought the passing of Queen Elizabeth II would have such an effect on me, but I actually shed some tears when I heard the news. Whatever we all think of the royal family, we all grew up with QE2. For me personally it was so cool that growing up with a female monarch, showing the planet women are just as capable to run the world!!!
And then there was her style! As a Queen you dont dofashion, you doroyal. You need to stand out in the crowd. She obviously adored fashion and had so much fun with it, especially colour.
Susanna Cordner, archives manager at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, said while the queens style evolved through the decades, key motifs and silhouettes remained and her clothes increasingly became a means of creating and maintaining a consistent and recognisable” image in the public eye.
In an interview with WWD earlier this year, Cordner said of the queen: Her clothes, as a rule, are distinctive rather than innovative. They make her appear steady and bright and ever-easy to spot in a crowd — an essential part of her role. Her clothes need to ensure shes the bright, visible spark in whatever room shes in.”
She also had a love of Hermès! Any time you saw Her Majesty in a scarf on her head or neck you can guarantee it was a Hermès one! They even made a scarf in her honour in 2016.
As we spend the next few weeks saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth 2, why not add a little colour to your wardrobe?? Keep scrolling for this week’s bright new additions, and there’s even some new authentic Hermès pieces!
Vale Queen Elizabeth II
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