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The eternal question on my mind this week is ‘When is it time to let go?’ This question can be applied to so many aspects of life, be it a relationship or a possession.
We all change the longer we’re here with the experiences we have, as does our look. I know my style changes as life & lifestyle changes- and I started my business based on the fact that one woman’s fashion past is another’s fashion future.
Of course there are hero pieces in any wardrobe that will stand he test of time, and we spend a lifetime honing the skills to know what pieces we always go back to. Investment pieces like the perfect winter coat, the dateless black dress, the break-the-budget footwear you count your steps in for fear of wearing out the soles!! Of course these can stay!!
Do you have beautiful pieces in your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day in years  but just can’t let go? Seize the moment and get recycling to up-cycle your unwanted gems! Some things are just meant to come to a natural end in your closet, ready for their next destination to hang with recycling. What’s the best technique to see what needs to go? Try puling out items and trying them on with different  things and be realistic- is it still you?? Then ask yourself this question: if you were shopping right this second, would you buy this?? If the answer is no, out it goes!! You’ll have good-vibes when you rid yourself of your wardrobe baggage.
At we sell on consignment which is super simple and you’re guaranteed to make some $$$ to help refresh your look! All the info is here on the consignment section .
Or on the flip-side needing some fantastic new designer gems both contemporary or vintage? At there are new recycled styles added daily, keep scrolling for a few current favourites.
PS: We’re offering free shipping on all domestic purchases for the next week just use the code SHIPFREE at checkout!

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