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This week we’re putting the spotlight on the humble sneaker!!  No longer outcast to a casual or sporting affair, women in droves are ditching the heel in favour of this old school style choice!!
The sneaker trend has really ramped up in recent years and one that is set to continue forever!! Why would women go back to stiletto’s, when you can now wear your chosen kicks to absolutely every occasion!! Once seen as an ‘edgy’ choice to wear to a formal affair, the humble sneaker can now be the hero piece of your outfit & considered a smart choice not a ridiculous one.  Timeless as sneakers might be, each style we love appeared in a different decade. From sporty to a more elegant approach, they really are a style time-capsule all of their own!!
Sneakers appeared on the scene round 1830, in the understated Plimsoll style; a casual shoe designed and manufactured for the beach in Liverpool, England – athletic, beach, England who would have thought!!  They truly were invented in the 1800’s, but the Keds label still popular today took the style to the mainstream later on. Then of course the classic Converse hit the shelves in the 1920s, mainly marketed for basketballer’s, but soon became a staple sporty or not.
By the 70’s the skater shoe appeared with the likes of Vans & Adidas championing the style, again intended for basketball became a fav for skateboarders & casual chic lovers everywhere!! Addias was of course the first shoe brand to endorse a music artist, the fab Run DMC.  The late 70’s and early 80’s then saw the invention of the track style shoe, a time which gave birth to Nike, which took the running shoe to stratospheric heights and beyond.  Most recently its fashion fashion fashion and by the 1990’s & 2000’s both the chunky & platform styles came in to play!
The humble sneaker has maintained its weight in the fashion world, with brands globally embracing styles of all decades in their designer collections, and consumers are eating it up!! By god I’ve seen limited additions priced the value of a Porsche!!
At we’ve an influx of designer sneakers in all sizes and labels ready for your feet!! From Golden Goose, Celine, Adidas, Converse to Saint Laurent new styles have just been added!! Keep scrolling for a peak of what’s in store now!! All preloved, delightful & in near new condition (some even brand spanking new)!!!
Your feet will thank you!!
Golden Goose
Golden Goose
Golden Goose
Saint Laurent

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