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If you don’t own any plaid by now, chances are you definitely will at some point in your lifetime!
Do you find it a modern symbol for all things in hipster and wonder why?? Plaid has become one of the most recognised patterns all over the globe in all shapes and forms.
This seemingly trend-proof pattern has a fascinating history! To start with most of us don’t know there is a difference in meaning between tartan & plaid. Tartan refers to a unique criss-crossed cloth pattern, originally woven from wool of different colours to identify clans in early Scotland times, whereas plaid refers to the blanket like cloth that hangs over the shoulder as an accompaniment to the kilt with more of a warmth aspect. To many of us and particularly in the US tartan and plaid are synonymous.
Plaid right through history has been associated with rebellion starting with the British government in the 1700s banning the wearing of tartan to discourage the Scots from rebelling against the them, and it wasn’t till the 1850s that the check travelled internationally when a mill in Pennsylvania created the first buffalo plaid flannel shirt which was instantly a hit. Then in the 1940s cult labels Pendleton & Carhartt created their own version of the button down flannel check which became a staple in both male and female wardrobes thanks to Marilyn Munroe.
The 1980s became the quintessential year for plaid with movies like Heathers, Clueless & Saint Elmos Fire and the rise of the grunge movement yet again making the check a rebellious statement piece. Many designers such as the late Alexander McQueen and the amazing Vivian Westwood adored the cross-hatched pattern and it’s preppy & punk vibe. Whether you team plaid with standard denim staples or venture out into dresses or suits donning the pattern, the plaid will always carry a hint of irreverence & edginess!
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