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I’ve never been the perfect packer, and in any case (pun intended) who is?? It’s so hard to pack for a holiday or work trip when there are so many unknowns in the equation- weather, mood, unexpected functions just to name a few of the confusing thoughts that pass through one’s mind…
I travelled a hell of a lot in my previous life as an EP in music television. I know both myself, talent and crew would always travel with way to much excess baggage!! Nothing is more exhausting than hauling heavy suitcases in transit and it can really be a kill-joy. Sometimes when country hopping we got so desperate to offload excess wardrobe (and shopping) we’d simply post it back home! This did solve quite a few problems, and am pleased to say it always showed up a week or so later PHEW!! 
Now the above is definitely not the ideal solution to packing woes, and doesn’t solve the problem of what to actually pack to ensure you look every bit as awesome as the kick-ass trip you’re experiencing.
Whilst mental-packing for my much needed family holiday this weekend I’ve decided the best way forward is the word RELIABLE! The trick is to pick a handful of basics that you know can’t go  wrong like your favourite jeans that you can team with a couple of day to night tops, couple of tee’s, one or two frocks suitable for your destination temperature & that you could dress up or down plus a jacket so you’re covered in transit. Obviously take into account the climate you’re about  to travel to if you need any essential extras like practical footwear! Shopping for me always is a given when travelling, and more often than not I wear what I buy as opposed to what I pack…. so always remember that if you feel you don’t have ‘enough’ in your load, chances are you will need that extra space!!
If you’re lucky enough to be packing for a destination has some amazing & oh so cool preloved designer & vintage pieces that will ensure you’ll  be completely covered! Keep scrolling for a few ideas from us!
Remember from the 24th September we will be away on sabbatical until the 6th October. Of course you can still buy, we’ll express ship to you so you receive ASAP after the 6th October! Use the code EXPRESS at checkout for free domestic postage over the period!
Happy holiday!
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