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A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.’ Sophia Loren


A few nights back I was channel surfing trying to figure out what the hell to watch. I’ve exhausted my Sex In The City addiction, finished the Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ series, and was in the need for a new show to sink my teeth into. I came across a cult classic film I’d never seen, ‘Arabesque’, with Sophia Loren & Gregory Peck - viewing crisis averted!!


It had everything I was looking for- glamour, light hearted script, interesting cinematography, and fabulous clothes to die for. Watching for Sophia’s Christian Dior created outfits alone; oh so Tres’ Chic! Here’s a few examples of Sophia’s endless wardrobe creations...



We’ve been adding dresses, dresses, dresses galore at All sizes and seasons are available new, preloved and vintage. Whether you’re a glamour queen like Sophia, a die-hard minimalist, or a bohemian goddess we have you covered.


Keep scrolling for a few of our fav’s, and for 1 week we’re offering 10% off everything with the code FROCKUP, just use at checkout.






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