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I’m feeling refreshed and re-booted while sitting here writing the latest blog. Summer holidays may be a distant past for me, but the present has never felt more optimistic.
We had a bit of rain whilst at the beach up the coast, so there was plenty of time to catch up on all the reading I desperately try to do every evening… although most night’s after five minutes of I’m well into my dreams….
I managed to finish the brilliant book Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run’. Such a fantastic memoir.  I always find it reassuring when idols that we hold in such high esteem experience similar parallel’s in their lives be it family, religion, friends or more often than not fashion! 
I also managed to read at least ten mags where the publications are one of integrity not gossip. Amongst the fashion and seemingly thousands of ads, I read about so many amazing females and the different paths they have taken be it politics, media, fashion, education. Each has their own unique way they have realised their dreams, and really reinforced in my mind to make 2018 the year to kick some more goals!! 
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Maison  Martin Margiela 

One Teaspoon

Adolfo Dominguez

Karen Walker




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