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Well it was a successful long weekend interstate for my son Kobie’s tennis tournament! Pleased to say he won a few, lost a few & played amazing well! Already planning the next one…
On the long drive back (not being the driver on this occasion) I tucked into some long overdue holiday reading. There was a fantastic article in our local Sunday publication which confirmed scientifically what all of us fashion lovers already know, your clothing choices actually DO boost your mood!
The two categories discussed were those of us that channel their inner being through their clothing choices, whilst others just see clothing as a necessity and don’t think twice about what they put on day to day! Those in the world that fall into the latter have to beware that it actually can affect their health.
The article looked at two specific studies done in recent years. The first published in 2015 in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science did a study and found that when people wore formal clothing their ability to engage in abstract thinking increased. When you are looking chic not only might it influence how people perceive you, it also affects how people perceive themselves; & therefore we are far more confident on a mental level to influence the way we carry out our decision making!
Another paper published by the same journal in 2012 found that wearing a lab coat led to an improved attention spanning wearers! Consequently the researchers coined the phrase ’enclothed cognition’ to describe the influence clothes have on the wearers psychological processes.
We all know when we put on an outfit that fits well & aligns with our own sense of style makes for a great day or great night out! Whatever our occupation or commitments on this planet are, make sure you dress how you feel!
Mixing things up with your style is also important. Another psychologist in the article talks about how mentally we can feel stuck in a rut if your day to day style is too same same. Her advice is to throw out your rulebook and embrace your fashion choices without worrying how other people may think! You need to wear what makes you feel good & happy!!
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