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‘Pearls are always appropriate’ Jackie Kennedy
This week I’ve been thinking about The First Ladies throughout American history, and what they’ve meant not only for politics but their contribution to popular culture and of course fashion!
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is undeniably one of the greatest style icons of the last century. Many of America’s first ladies have made a selfless and undeniable contribution to global issues that affect all of us no matter where we call home. But Jackie O’s legacy has endured the decades, and her contribution to the world of style is still referenced today by many women and designers alike.
Jacqueline was a breath of fresh air for the Whitehouse. At the age of 31 she became their First Lady, and the Kennedy family gave America and the world a new positive optimistic outlook on the future. Jackie O proved herself immediately to the American people with her natural passion for the arts, the American family, and her ambassador role for America. She also took it upon herself to restore the White House to its former glory, which is how it remains to this day.

 When widowed at the age of 34, Jackie O was admired for her poise and courage in a time filled with such grief, not just for her personally, but for most across the planet.


So do you feel inspired to dress like a modern day Jackie O! We’ve many styles vintage and modern just added that will have you feeling every bit as glam as Jackie O did both in day to day life and at your next ‘do’! Keep scrolling for a few ideas.

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