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You probably all know that NYC had its Spring Summer Fashion Week a few weeks back now. It was held bang on the same time as Queen Elizabeth II passed away, so with the media in overdrive with all things royal, it’s only over the last couple of days that I’ve got my head around what happened on the catwalk!
There was a fab article in the SMH by journalist Damien Woolnough who was flown across from OZ to cover the event.  It was a great insight into not only fashion of the week, but also the cultural effects of fashion on the city that never sleeps. 
Damian reported feeling that the event at times felt divided between two worlds. Some designers creating their own utopian reality, whilst others embraced the tumultuous reality of what was actually going on in NYC post covid and post environmental realities hitting us all.  Designers like Michael Kors produced a collection for women whom ‘only need to worry about keeping white boxy blazers & pretty blouses pristine’, while other designers like Coach are looking at the rise of preloved & vintage fashion plus financial constraints on customers and are embracing all of it in their design aesthetic.  
Whatever side of the park you sit on, one thing is certain- the rise of environmentally aware shopping. Shops like my very own are more relevant than ever, helping all of you mix up your shopping choices when it comes to shopping for your fashion needs!
Keep scrolling for a peek this week’s fabulous new additions! There’s many a frock added in case you have an upcoming grad dinner or formal perhaps!
Also note that I’m away for a few days from Saturday 1st October! Yes I know how many holidays can one have...but I’m going away with lifelong friends from high school to Tassy.  It’s all part of our milestone birthday shenanigans!
All purchases made from Friday after 6pm will be posted out Thursday 6th October!
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