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What a few weeks it has been, and before you continue reading on, I will tell you right here and now that I am leaving all the terrible and sad news of the worlds’ events at the front door and keeping this newsletter upbeat and positive; something we all need to do sometimes for our own sanity. Check-in on friends, check-up on family and look at the bright side for next few minutes.
First up a shameless plug for a friend; last week I attended a close friend & old work colleague Nathan Sapsford’s film premier in Oz!! I mean how cool is that :) The film is titled Here Be Dragons and if you get the opportunity, you MUST see it! Support indie filming making and support my friend Nathan’s acting career; it aint easy to break in to acting!! Anyway, he’s the lead role in the movie and his performance is just fabulous – look out for it later in the year.
My big family news of the week was that my first born Kobie turned 19 last week which is both wonderful and shocking at the same time. Where have the past few decades gone??? Being the mother of two boys is the most rewarding life experience, and I know how lucky I am for the opportunity to experience this. 
And to top everything off I’m seeing Sir Paul McCartney with the family on Saturday night! I had the thrill of seeing Sir Paul about six years back, but Simon and I desperately want the kids to see one of the fab four live :)
Of course, all these occasions call for an effortlessly chic range of outfits to have some fun in - am I right? Here in Sydney, we’re seeing the return of longer days and warmer weather, so its high time with the changing seasons to shake up your celebration looks.
Keep scrolling for some recently added pieces at perfect for your next important occasion.
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