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Well last Saturday night Simon & I finally got to have a date night! Like everyone we’re so so careful anywhere we go out for a meal, tending to go to our one local with the kids occasionally for a pub meal and a few games of UNO. Suffering from  cabin fever  we decided to spread our wings and go one suburb further afield to try bring a bit more normality to our weekend!
Its amazing how these everyday occasions now take almost as much planning as your own wedding or significant birthday celebration! But its worth the effort!
Queen Chow in Enmore was our destination & to sit at a bar with a Martini in hand was bliss! Normally we’d go to a show at the Enmore Theatre after a meal here, but just being in a socially distanced yet pumping atmosphere will satisfy for now!
Other than the excitement of a romantic night out was of course a reason to dress up!! I will admit I’ve been planning many outfits in my head for the plethora of occasions I’m hoping to get to once we beat this bug, and I gave one of these ensembles a run and it felt fantastic to be in something I felt special in! After surveying other patrons at the restaurant I did notice that everyone had emerged on the evening also in stylish looks that maybe they’d been planning as well during quarantine!
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