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With a giant proportion of Australia’s population dealing with the reality of staying indoors where it is safe from that stupid virus while the vaccine is being distributed, there’s never been a more important time to look after our mental health.
One form of therapy in iso other than listening to music or walking your pooch 10 times a day is colour therapy. Colour has been used to represent different meanings for thousands of years, in various cultures throughout the world. Clothing and colour can also be used as a therapeutic practice to instill positive emotions and help boost your mood.
Are you finding as the weeks pass by in the confines of home, that you’re  wearing a lot of darker colours?  Are they black and grey shades which are about as opposite to 'vibrant' as you could possibly get?? Well its time to ditch that colour attitude and use a different hue to brighten your day! Here’s a few colours and what they mean to your mental health that I found in a great article by ‘Body & Soul’ magazine last year :
GREEN- Improves circulation and promotes general healing, restoration & balance.
MAGENTA- Balances emotions & energy
YELLOW- Improves your immune system & stimulates
PURPLE- Balances heart & blood pressure
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Colour your world, it makes life far more fun!!
Jac + Jack
Sea New York

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