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Hey friends!
Hope you’re all having an ace week.
This week I’ve been reminiscing quite a bit about life moments. I’ve spoken a few times about my oldest Kobie travelling overseas with friends for holidays during his Uni break - and he leaves next week already!! How time has flown since he came into our lives almost 20 years ago now.  
It’s been such a wild ride getting Kobie to this point in his life, and I really hope he has an amazing experience travelling the world sans parents and makes some special lifetime memories for himself. He’s so lucky to get this opportunity so I hope it’s really special (and safe!!).
We all have these special moments and milestones in our lifetimes, and we have to remember to really make the most of them and be present when they are happening. When life calls, you pick up!
How does fashion tie in to all this emotion I hear you asking?? Well it does. I mean when you look back at photos or remember events from times gone by, one of the first things people comment on or think about is what they were wearing, or how their haircut looked!! 
Why not invest in some pieces for you closet that will ot only last a lifetime, but will also stand the test of time from a style-sense?? There’s something to be said about looking back at past events and knowing you looked your best! Keep scrolling for some fantastic, preloved pieces I know will have a place hanging in your closet for decades to come.
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Jil Sander
Raquel Diniz
Isabel Marant Etoile

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