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’If you wear things you adore you just look better!’ Margherita Missoni
At we are about to go on a buying mission to bring you even more fashion treasure to add to your wardrobes. Since we opened for business in 2015 we’ve loved bringing you the best curated collection of vintage and designer preloved fashion at a realistic price point whilst helping the environment  and of course your wallets!!
From Tuesday 16th August there will be a small delay on mailing your fantastic purchases whilst we are out searching for the best items to bring back to add to the store. Remember when adding to cart purchases made on or after the 16th will be express mailed out to you from Wednesday 24th August.
We’re offering 10% off sitewide with the code GONESHOPPING to ease the pain a little for the additional wait time, and all domestic orders are shipped express at no extra charge!
You still have a few days if your fashion fix is needed a little earlier, keep scrolling for more of our favourite pieces that are waiting for the right wardrobe to hang in!!

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