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Is anyone feeling different about Valentine’s Day this year?? There’s been many a heartbreaking moment in just the first month of 2020, which has instinctively made me reach out to hug my nearest & dearest more than ever. It’s so easy to be complacent with those you love in your life, that when tragedy strikes it highlights just how lucky we are and how we need to show that more often.
This year I’m loving Valentine’s Day...I think regardless of where it came from, it’s a chance to take stock and appreciate everyone in your life regardless if it is a romantic or platonic relationship. It’s also cool (I think) to hold on to some ancient traditions even if we modernize them to fit today’s modern life. Of course it also means it’s just another excuse to shop or get some more presents!  I’ve already harassed my partner with emails of the things I like and dropped many a not so subtle hint.
For all the ladies out there has you covered! Just spy what you would like and send recommendations to your partner via email.  If you send enough, they are sure to take notice even if only to stop you sending more.
You have a week to get organised, keep scrolling & check out a few of the items I know would make me happy! As our loving gift to all of you, what about 20% off? Just use the code VALENTINE 2020 at checkout, valid for 1 week.
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