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So I’m back to the velvet underground.
Back to the floor, that I love.
To a room with some lace and paper flowers.
Back to the gypsy that I was
Gypsy, Stevie Nicks


A few days back I went to see the legendary Fleetwood Mac in concert, full band lineup front and centre. It was truly one of the best shows I’ve seen! I couldn’t get over how amazing they were musically, hit after hit just kept coming, and they looked incredible!! Stevie now 67, Christine McVie who came back to the band after 16 years 73, still so stylish, fit and loving life!


Stevie told a fantastic story before they played their quintessential hit ‘Gypsy’, about the days when she literally was a gypsy,  had little money and big dreams, and like any girl wanted to have some fantastic stage outfits like her peers at the time such as Janis Joplin.


She explained Gypsy was written sometime in 1978-79, when the band had become "very famous, very fast," and it was a song that brought her back to an earlier time, to an apartment in San Francisco where she had taken the mattress off her bed and put it on the floor.


She knew of a store in downtown San Fran where Janis, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane shopped, a little hole in the wall with amazing, beautiful stuff. She made the trip there, and just stood in the store, knowing she couldn’t afford a thing in there, but had an epiphany then and there that she was going to make it big, and that one day she would return and buy whatever she wanted, and left empty handed..


I’m sure many of us can relate to wanting something so badly, and waiting for that moment for your path to become clear, and I loved that a clothing store helped inspire her to know who she was!


After being absolutely blown away by the style of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie still dressing as I remember her in all those music videos from many moons ago,  I’ve picked out some fantastic items available at the moment on, to give you all a little bit inspiration in your lives in tradition of 70s glamour!  

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