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‘Going Back To Cali’ 
Notorious B.I.G

The ‘City Of Angels’ fills me with fond memories of my time as an Executive Producer in music television. I made many trips over the ocean for work - producing interviews and filming concerts  with stars such as Chris Martin from Coldplay, to hanging with Kelly Rowland, even meeting Steven Spielberg at E3!

Every spare second I had I rummaged through all the vintage and designer stores LA has to offer.

The fashion in LA is world class, and with a climate very similar to Australia, you can shop current trends and not have to wait a season to get them on! I found some amazing items which are timeless, and have had many years of fun in them. has just had a shipment of stunning hand picked vintage items arrive from California. It was so much fun selecting so many fantastic items for the store, literally a few hundred will be available over the next few weeks and I have to say we are SO EXCITED to share them with you and hope you want to add many of these pieces to your summer wardrobes. So whether you have your summer festival wardrobe on your mind, what you are wearing to an end of year event, or simply want to look ACE, make sure you take a look!! Check out a few of my favs below. 

X Rach

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